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About Us


It is our goal here at Peck and Gartner to provide quality artwork
and service to our customers at the best price available.

About Peck and Gartner

Established in 1996, Peck and Gartner began as more of an antique store with only a sprinkling of art. We grew much larger after our purchase of a 15,000 square foot store in Annandale, MN. Throughout the years, art has started to take over a larger portion of our store which now is a large art gallery. Peck and Gartner has become a very large purchaser of art from several companies and soon was asked to distribute artwork to others as well. This is how wholesale art became a big part of Peck and Gartner.

Artists and Their Art

Since the beginning of our (mostly) wildlife art gallery, we have added a 6,500 square foot warehouse in Hudson, WI to ship art to galleries and other customers. Because we house over 250,000 prints, we are able to sell art at very discounted prices, giving you the most for your money. All the works of art are represented by numerous artists including but not limited to:

  • Les Kouba
  • Jim Hansel
  • Ron Nelson
  • Jeff Riener
  • Jerry Snydar

Currently, we are negotiating with several other well know artists who will soon be joining us. Please view our gallery to see all the wonderful works of art we carry.

Wildlife Art and More

Wildlife art represents a majority of our artwork at the time being. We have many high quality, discounted works of art for everyone to enjoy. Our great variety of wildlife art consists of moose, deer, bear, pheasant, duck and geese painting as well as many fishing scenes such as themes of ice fishing, bass, and walleye. In the future we plan to expand the categories of art to include the works of many other artists who don't neccisarily paint wildlife art. Please check back frequently for great, discount art and new art which will be updated on the front page of our site every week or so.

Other Products

Although wildlife art is an important product here at Peck and Gartner, we still sell items from our past. We have a variety of antiques and collectables in our gallery which you can purchase on the phone, or in our shop.