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Clearwater FL is a postcard-worthy destination with crystal clear water, beautiful marine views, and open ocean views. Travelers can rent a private boat or charter a yacht with a captain…

Clearwater FL is a postcard-worthy destination with crystal clear water, beautiful marine views, and open ocean views. Travelers can rent a private boat or charter a yacht with a captain to take in the stunning views and relax on the deck. There are also several cruise ships that operate in Clearwater, including the Calypso Queen, which has received a variety of awards and is a world-class attraction.

Pier 60

If you love fishing, Pier 60 in Clearwater, Florida, is the place to go. This year-round fishing venue offers equipment, bait, and even fishing passes. You can find a variety of fish at Pier 60, so you are sure to hook up with a nice one. This fishing spot is located at the northern end of Clearwater Beach. It is just a few blocks from the beach and is close to Frenchy’s Cafe and several other restaurants and bars.

Pier 60 also features free concerts throughout the year. These performances last three hours, with a 30-minute break. There is also a bait shop on the pier, and anglers can purchase frozen or live bait to hook up with fish. You can also rent a fishing rod if you need one.

If you have kids, you’ll love the Pier 60 playground. The pier is also great for people watching, with talented people from all over the region performing there. At night, Pier 60 also features movie nights, with a wide selection of films ranging from Disney to Pixar to Marvel Comics blockbusters. Movies are shown at dusk on weekends and are free.

Pier 60 is one of the most popular places in Clearwater, Florida and attracts visitors from all walks of life. It is also a convenient walk from downtown Clearwater or from anywhere on the island. It’s also a popular spot to catch a sunset after dinner. Pier 60 also offers entertainment year-round, including street performers and artisans. A few nights a week, the pier is also home to a summer concert.

Pier 60 is a 1,000-foot pier that extends into the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Beach. It features a pier, boulevards, and waves for families to enjoy. And it also has a great playground for big and little kids. A rope climbing structure is located near the pier, which is covered and provides shade.

Sand Key Park

The sprawling white sand beach offers ample space to explore the great outdoors. Enjoy a variety of water sports and water activities, or simply relax and soak up the sun. The park also offers plenty of space for family fun and activities. There are restroom facilities, a picnic area, and a playground.

Beach lovers will love the idyllic setting of Sand Key. With gem-colored waters and sugar-white sand, this is a perfect place to soak up the sun. It is also close to the action, yet far enough away from the hive of activity. Whether you want to play tennis, take a dip in the ocean, or simply relax on the sand, this Florida beach will be the perfect getaway.

Located just south of Clearwater Beach, Sand Key Park is 95 acres of beautiful nature. There are picnic areas and a white sand beach, and the park is home to several beautiful benches where you can watch the wildlife and birds. The park is also home to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which has been thrilling visitors for over 50 years.

The dog park is a great option for those with dogs. There is plenty of parking available at Sand Key Park. The parking fee is $5 for the entire day, which is a good value if you plan on staying the entire day. I saw only a few people in the big dog section, but there was one dog owner with two dogs cleaning up after their animals. There are water stations and a dog wash station, but there is not much shade.

Clearwater Bay is home to some of the most abundant fish populations on the Gulf Coast. These include trout and walleye. Clearwater Airpark is also located nearby.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park

When you visit Moccasin Lake Nature Park, you will experience the beauty of the outdoors while also learning more about nature and the natural world. You can enjoy the peaceful and scenic Oak-lined Paths, enjoy educational walking tours, and visit educational exhibits and kids’ camps.

This 51-acre nature preserve features boardwalks and trails and is home to a variety of native species of birds. The park features a birds of prey area, where you can learn about the birds of prey. In addition, there are many species of rehabilitated birds that cannot be released into the wild due to injuries. The park also has a classroom building where kids can learn about local wildlife. In addition, it is a great place to plan a party or volunteer event.

The park is located eight miles east of Clearwater Beach and offers a variety of activities. It has a nature trail that winds around a five-acre lake and features a butterfly habitat. You can also explore the interpretive center, which has exhibits about alternative energy. A picnic area is also available in the park.

Pirate Cruise

The excitement of a pirate ship tour cannot be overstated. It is the ultimate adventure for families, couples, and individuals looking for a memorable day. It is an all-inclusive package that includes food and drinks. It’s also a great way to meet new people. The staff is friendly and the trip is fun for all ages.

On board, families can play pirate games, share loot, and dance until their hearts’ content. Parents can also participate in some of the activities. Although pirates prefer rum punch, most cruises offer non-alcoholic beverages and great food. Even the youngest pirate will have a blast on a pirate ship.

Clearwater Pirate Cruises take place seven days a week year-round. Day sails are offered daily at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Evening sails are offered at 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM on select dates (April through August, 5:30 PM in September and October, and 5:00 PM in November and February). The pirate ship, the “Captain Memo,” was built to meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications in 1993.

The Clearwater Pirate Cruise sails in the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, passengers may encounter hostile pirates or graceful dolphins, as well as the deserted island of Memo. This fun excursion makes a wonderful gift for families and friends. However, it is important to remember that these cruises are exclusive for paying passengers and are not suitable for spectators.

The Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise is one of the most unique attractions in the Tampa Bay area. It has served hundreds of social groups and corporations from around the country. The crew is flexible and can tailor the program to fit the needs of each group.

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