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Places to Go in Southern France

Chateau de Sully is a UNESCO World Heritage Site The Chateau de Sully is a historic and architectural site. It was the seat of the duc de Sully, a minister…

Chateau de Sully is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Chateau de Sully is a historic and architectural site. It was the seat of the duc de Sully, a minister of Henri IV, who died in 1641. In the 17th century, Claude de La Tremoille converted to Huguenot religion and fought in the army of King Henry IV of France. He sold the estate in 1602 to Maximilien de Bethune, who was also a Huguenot. King Henry IV of France created him 1st Duke of Sully in 1606. Maximilien de Bethune reconstructed the Catholic St Ythien church.

The traces of the chateau date back to 1102 and it served as a defense post for the left bank of the Loire. In the late sixteenth century, the chateau was devastated by floods and underwent a major rehabilitation program. Guy de La Tremoille commissioned the architect Raymond du Temple to redraw the plans of the castle. Du Temple’s design included the donjon, which became a place of pomp and ceremony.

The property is surrounded by countryside. The Loire River has shaped the landscape over the centuries, with tufa and slate architecture resulting from centuries of interaction between humans and nature.

It is a popular music festival venue

The Sully-sur-Loiret Festival first started in 1973 and has grown into one of France’s most important artistic gatherings. Each year, the festival hosts concerts from major names in the music industry in iconic locations like the courtyard of the Chateau de Sully. The festival also features jazz and classical concerts at local sites of particular cultural and historical significance. The varied program includes classical, jazz and amplified music.

The original Sully chateau dates back to the 11th century, when it was built as a defensive post on the royal river. In 1567, the actual Chateau de Sully was completed for Marechal Gaspard de Saulx, a powerful figure in the court of King Henri II. The castle was subsequently renovated by Maximilien de Bethune, a well-known French minister. He restored the chateau and strengthened its exterior walls, built an artillery tower, and created gardens.

SULLY France is home to a number of music festivals. In 2020, the Festival Marais Baroque will return to the hotel de Sully, organised by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. The venue is also home to the Simphonie du Marais, a performance piece by Hugo Reyne. Reyne was the music teacher in Cedric Klapisch’s The Good Old Daze in 1995.

Sully is also home to the Chateau of Sully Sur Loire, which sits on a natural fording point in the Loire, at the confluence of the Loire and the River Sange. The castle originally consisted of three islands in the Loire; the Northwestern island holds the main keep, while the southwestern island is home to the inner courtyard, with its defence towers, galleries, and later residences.

It is a family-friendly destination

SULLY-sur-Loire is located 70 miles from Blois, a popular base for exploring the castles of the Loire Valley. The town is accessible by car in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, although buses and trains are also convenient. The combined bus and train trip takes two hours and forty minutes.

The town’s private apartments feature six tapestries depicting the mythological story of Psyche, dating from the early seventeenth century. The tapestries depict scenes from the life of a Greek goddess and were originally commissioned by French emperor Francois I. Families will love exploring the kid-sized versions of the castles, which feature authentic details.

While in Sully, families can visit the Chateau de Sully, a magnificent 18th century mansion that’s surrounded by a beautiful wooded park. The Chateau has a gourmet restaurant that showcases the chef’s creations in an elegant, privileged setting. The seasonal menu includes foie gras, scallops, squab, and roast deer.

Whether you’re looking for a foodie getaway or a culture-filled vacation, France has it all. The vibrant cities of Paris and the French Riviera offer exciting art experiences, while the beaches of Northern France are perfect for outdoor play. France is also a great destination for history buffs. There are many museums to visit, as well as many activities for kids of all ages.

The historic town of Sully-sur-Loire was originally purchased by the Sully family in 1602. The Sully family was a staunch supporter of King Henri IV. They welcomed many notable visitors including Voltaire, who lived there in the 1710s. The Sully family left their mark on the town, which can be seen in the Hall of Honour, the family portrait gallery, and the tomb of the first Duke of Sully’s second wife.

It is 122 kilometres from Paris

If you’re looking for a day trip from Paris, Champagne is the place to go. It is located 121 kilometres away and is easily accessible by car. While Champagne is known for its wine, it is also home to rich history. You’ll be able to enjoy the region’s rich culture and historic monuments during your visit.

The city is also the headquarters of several international organisations. Some of them include the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the OECD Development Centre, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, the International Energy Agency, and the European Securities and Markets Authority. In addition, several major French companies have their headquarters in the Paris Region. For instance, six of the Fortune Global 500 companies have their headquarters in the City of Paris, six in the Hauts-de-Seine Department, and three others have headquarters in La Defense. Societe Generale, for example, has offices in both Paris and La Defense.

There are also a few exciting beaches near Paris. The Cote des Basques is a great beach for families with kids. This long beach, also known as Parc Balneaire, is surrounded by scenic boulders and crashing high tides. The area is serene and beautiful, and the waves can be thrilling for surfers.

It is a hidden gem

If you’re looking for a place to stay for your next holiday in France, you may want to consider the unspoilt village of Cap d’Ail. This quaint, picturesque seaside town is close to Monaco. It has three beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is the turquoise-coloured Mala beach. The town is also home to a dramatic limestone cliff. To reach Mala, you must take steep steps or a narrow footpath, but the reward is the turquoise-coloured sea and dramatic limestone cliffs.

Another hidden gem in Southern France is the Fairy’s Chimneys National Park, which is famed for its stunning, mesmerizing rock formations. The rocks are 4 million years old, and yet they still remain fragile and eerie. You can hike along the 1.5-mile trail to admire the beautiful rock formations.

Whether you prefer Renaissance architecture, medieval ruins, or the natural beauty of the Alps, you can’t go wrong with Uzes. The medieval city is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, making it an idyllic destination for tourists. It is an ideal place for a romantic getaway, or a family vacation.

If you are planning a trip to Southern France, you should be sure to consider this city. Avignon, for example, is famous for its Gothic Palace of the Papes, and the Pont Saint-Benezet, a beautiful bridge built in the 12th century. The name Benezet came from a twelve-year-old shepherd boy who built the bridge.

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