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Places to Visit in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Wrightsville Beach is a small town in the state of North Carolina. It is located just east of Wilmington and is a part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. The…

Wrightsville Beach is a small town in the state of North Carolina. It is located just east of Wilmington and is a part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town has a population of approximately 2,477. There are many activities to enjoy in the area, from water sports to scuba diving excursions.

Wrightsville Beach is a walkable island

Wrightsville Beach is an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is four miles long. The island offers a surf-themed atmosphere, boating on Banks Channel, wide beaches, and old-fashioned Carolina beach cottages for sale. Its walkability and affordability make it a great choice for a relaxing vacation or a day out on the town.

Wrightsville Beach is a vibrant beach community with an open-air village and several restaurants serving delectable fare. Visitors can also take part in seasonal activities, such as the annual holiday flotilla, as well as internationally recognized surfing and SUP events. In addition, tourists can stay in various types of accommodations, including condo rentals, hotels, and full-service resorts.

Wrightsville Beach has a 2.5-mile-long sidewalk loop that is popular with walkers and bikers. This path takes visitors through many of the town’s main attractions and shopping areas. It also passes over several bridges that overlook the harbor. Visitors will also find antique stores and local shops along the way.

It is home to scuba diving and snorkeling excursions

The Wrightsville Beach area is home to several scuba and snorkeling excursions. These excursions can take you to see underwater marine life and prehistoric dinosaur fossils. If you’re not a diver yet, you can learn to dive with a PADI Open Water Dive course from Aquatic Safaris, which has been in the area for over 25 years. The course includes classroom and online training, open water dives, and all the equipment you’ll need.

Scuba divers can explore historic wrecks or explore ledges off the Cape Fear coast. Many locals choose to dive at the Alexander Ramsey wreck, which was purposefully sunk in the early twentieth century as part of an artificial reef program. The wreck is located about 100 yards north of the Nags Head Fishing Pier. Snorkelers can see huge schools of tropical fish and the occasional sea turtle at this dive site.

Snorkelers can also enjoy exploring the seagrass beds that surround the beaches. These are the habitat of many marine animals, including stingrays and jellyfish. However, it is important to respect the fragile environment of the seagrass beds by not standing on them or kicking them, as this can disturb the animals that live there.

It offers plenty of water sports activities

Water sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do at the beach and the area is full of places to go kayaking. Kayaking in Wrightsville Beach allows you to explore the natural beauty of the area and experience the waters around Masonboro Island, an 8.4 mile long barrier island. The town offers several public kayaking access points, including a sandy beach and public docks.

In addition to the many water sports that can be enjoyed along the beach, Wrightsville Beach also offers fishing charters and scenic harbor cruises. In addition, paddle boarding is another popular activity. Visitors can even go kayaking on the Intracoastal Waterway, take a tour of the Battleship North Carolina, or go scuba diving.

Wrightsville Beach is a laid-back beach community on the southeastern coast of North Carolina. The town has the energy of a nearby college surf town, and offers scenic views along its four-mile stretch of beach. Wrightsville Beach is home to the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, which has been open since 1964. There is also a sailing school certified by the American Sailing Association. Additionally, the beach resort also offers harbor cruises and ecopaddle tours. The resort also puts sustainability as a priority and has its own Green Team.

Wrightsville Beach is home to many world-class water sports and is one of the premier SUP hubs in the U.S. It is also the birthplace of surfing in the state. And for the history buffs, the city is home to one of the few places in the United States where Megalodon teeth have been found. With the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway nearby, Wrightsville Beach is perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

It is a family-friendly beach

Wrightsville Beach is a great place for families to vacation. The area is less crowded than the Outer Banks and has plenty of family-friendly activities. Families can surf together, hunt for buried treasure, or view the sea life up close.

The town has many public beach access points, and many of these offer lifeguards and restrooms. The beach is also a great place for swimming and relaxing. During the summer months, lifeguards patrol the area to keep children safe. It is not a good idea to surf in front of a lifeguard stand.

Visitors to Wrightsville Beach will also find plenty to do on the boardwalk. There are restrooms and showers and a skate park. There are several hotels in Wrightsville, including the Holiday Inn Wilmington East and Harbor Inn. Nearby Wilmington is the Carolina Beach, which features a vintage boardwalk and food stands. There are also amusement park rides and carnival games. Visitors can see fireworks shows in the summer. There are also plenty of activities for the entire family, including fishing and surfing.

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach in Wrightsville, North Carolina, you’ll find it at Carolina Beach. This popular beach has plenty to offer visitors, and is regarded as one of the safest beaches in the state. There are also lifeguards on duty, and waves are generally calm towards the shoreline.

It has a museum

If you are interested in local history, the Center for Education on Area History is a great place to go. You’ll find artifacts and history, as well as children’s programs and year-round events. You can even attend an evening lecture that’s taught by local historians.

While visiting Wrightsville Beach, make sure to spend some time at the museum. This small but well-maintained museum is in a turn-of-the-century beach house that has been lovingly restored to serve as a permanent home for exhibits. The museum offers guided tours and exhibits that give visitors a better understanding of local history and culture.

The museum features a model of Wrightsville Beach from the early 1900s. The model is charming and detailed, and a good place to learn about the town’s past. The museum is free and open to the public Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

During the summer months, the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History hosts Lumina Daze, a fundraiser to benefit Liberty Senior Living. This event is a way for the residents to give back to the community while learning about the local history. The museum also features live music and raffle giveaways.

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